B2B PPC Agency

Want to waste money on advertising?

Run PPC campaigns with an agency that doesn't understand your industry and doesn't have user experience optimized first.

We’ve been working in PPC management for a long time, so we’ve seen every failed scenario imaginable when it comes to PPC campaigns. We’ve seen companies struggle to manage PPC campaigns themselves, burning through their budgets with weak results. We’ve also seen plenty of cases where marketing agencies have blown a client’s budget simply because they don’t know the industrial and manufacturing industry well enough to understand how users behave when searching for information in this space. Within the blink of an eye, hundreds or thousands of dollars can vanish by not establishing and executing an effective strategy.

Here’s the deal—even bad PPC campaigns will generate traffic to your site, but they’ll also generate high bounce rates. Traffic that immediately bounces from your site is worthless.

We have been successfully delivering B2B PPC management services to our clients for years. Just like with any 5 Fold Agency service, when clients sign up with us for PPC management, they get way more than just a one-dimensional approach. We conduct a comprehensive analysis to help ensure our strategic approach to the client’s PPC campaign delivers measurable results.

We Review Everything

Let’s run through the scenario: So, you want to run paid B2B AdWords on Google so that users searching for your service or product can find you. OK, great! But what happens once that user clicks the ad? Is your landing page properly optimized to capture the lead? Do you have a clear call to action? Is your website responsive to mobile users? Is the content managed properly? Is your value proposition clear and persuasive when compared to your competition?

All of these elements factor into the success of your B2B PPC campaign. This is how our minds work—we put ourselves in the user’s seat so we can fully understand their experience, then we make modify our approach based on what we discover about the user’s experience. Our B2B PPC management campaigns go much deeper than just getting the click—our campaigns provide a full-cycle strategy for capturing leads after the click.

Our Difference


Anyone can get traffic to a website—conversions are what matters. The keywords you bid on are crucial for garnering the most highly qualified traffic. We analyze potential keywords to identify those that will deliver results.

Landing Page

We can’t do anything halfway. Our PPC management clients get the full landing page package, including proper page design and setup, call to action, user flow analysis, content optimization, competitor analysis, and more.


Data doesn’t lie. Every PPC management optimization we complete is based on data. You’ll get to see all of the metrics we are reporting on, and we’ll review how our decisions are made with you and your team.

Budgets / Spend

We treat your money as if it’s our own. We never start a PPC management campaign off with high daily spends. We optimize the campaign before making any recommendations to increase the budget. Once the campaign is fully optimized, we double-down.