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B2C Marketing Agency

Consumer Focused Marketing

All brands have a story and something they think makes them different, we bring it out with creativity, brand awareness and measurable tactics. As a B2C marketing agency we’ve worked with some very large brands with familiar products to consumers across the globe, but they ween’t always known.

Understanding the target buyer persona, getting to work with creative, and distributing on platforms that have the consumers attention is our high level process to helping brands get found. Without having all three parts of the process, most campaigns will fail. If you’re not tracking your results, money is wasted.

We’ve turned around brands, helped start ups get their first orders and taken 1/2 dozen companies through an acquisition from a bigger brand. Even still, we treat each customer with the mindset of understanding first and executing second. We listen to what your team has to say, before we make strategy recommendations.

Due to our vast industry knowledge of being a full service digital marketing agency, we understand B2C products at a deeper level than most. It isn’t simply a product to us, we want to understand all aspects of why it was created and how it was made…that’s where the best selling features come from, and how to tell an authentic story.

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B2C Marketing Agency

You product can be amazing, but without marketing no one will know about it. The most important aspect of any business is sales and marketing, which is why the top 2 reasons why companies fail is due to lack of sales. Regardless of how many employees you have, we treat every client the same and give the same attention to making sure your marketing campaigns are successful and achieve the goals set.

A lot of agencies get stuck with what worked last year and miss the signs of changing trends in buyer behavior, we keep our fingers on the pulse and audit our methods on a monthly basis. This ensures our tactics are never static and we can adjust as the consumer behavior changes.

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B2C Marketing Agency 

Whether your focusing on brand awareness or transactional sales/marketing, your monthly program needs to be balanced to be the most effective. You can’t simply use a single tactic and expect your business to grow, you have to hit the main facets of marketing…we’ve built 3 programs that cover everything, plus a custom one for those a-la-carte fans. Our B2C marketing agency programs are designed to provide your company with a team focusing on what matters most in your marketing strategy.

Just need some project help right now?
We can assist in all areas as a full service B2C marketing agency to take some the stress and workload off of your back, this is also a great way that we can show you our skill sets. Whether it’s working on a web & seo project, or helping you out with some brand collateral…we want to talk!

And yes, we play nice in the sandbox with other agencies.

Contributor: Designed for companies with an existing team or a smaller budget, our contributor program focuses on 3 core areas of manufacturing marketing.

Manager: If you don’t have the internal resources, our manager program takes the burden off of your shoulders and is a comprehensive aggressive marketing program.

Partner: An entire department without the internal overhead, our partner program manages all of your marketing with a team of 4-6 experts on your account.

You have a specific need, we have the team and skills to execute it in all areas of marketing. Whether we’re helping out your internal team or managing the project ourselves, we’d love to discuss it with you.

Web Design & Dev

Your website in front line of your brand, we have a wide range of skills to cover the most complex websites.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is critical to making sure customers can find you online, we on the 1st page of Google and keep you there.

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Content Marketing

You need strong and consistent content to drive brand awareness, this is the backbone of any 2018 strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tactic for all companies, you just have to focus on the right platform.

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Social Media Advertising

From brand awareness campaigns to strategic click/traffic campaigns, we have the expertise on the main 3 platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

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Search Engine Marketing to drive traffic to your site or serve retargeting/remarketing ads to stay in front of your potential customer after they leave.

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Brand Collateral

Need some brand collateral help? We can work on any project related to graphics design, brochures, pitch decks, business cards, logo’s and more.

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Video & Photography

We come on-site and shoot content for any type of marketing initiative using images or video. Your content needs to stay up to date and video is a driving force in marketing.

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