Money Matters Top Tips – Podcast and Talk

Money Matters Top Tips Podcast and Talk I talk with Adam Torres, host of Money Matters Top Tips Podcast about my history, background, and business tips. Kyle talks with Adam Torres about his entrepreneurial career and how he came to be in the position he is in now.  [...]

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Content Creation for Business – Part 2/2

Content Creation for Businesses - A 2019 Guide Part 2/2 In part 2 of this series, we talk about where and when you should post content and why it matters. Content creation is important because it means you're building up brand recognition, and you're promoting yourself as a [...]

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How to Negotiate on Price for Your Services

How to Negotiate on Pricing for Your Services If you provide a service, you probably know the experience of sending someone a proposal and having them come back and say they can't afford to spend what you're charging. There are two ways to face that problem - come [...]

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How to Set Good Goals in Business and Stick to Them

Setting Good Goals and Sticking to Them I talk about my process for setting goals, and how I try to think about them. Goals have to be right for you, and for the part of life you're in. Don't set them too high or you'll never reach them, [...]

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How To Sell Based On Value, Not Price – Vlog 013

Vlog 013 - How to Sell Based on Value, Not Price The price objection means that you haven't done enough job selling your value. So frequently people in manufacturing sales get beat up on price by their target demographic, the wrong move is to just give up that [...]

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Following up on new LinkedIn connections, did you quit already?

LinkedIn For Sales: The Basics With the main purpose of networking as the goal of building a "network" of individuals that either have complimentary business skills/trades or those from within your industry/target market, why stop following up with them? Just because you met a person at an industry [...]

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How Complacency Kills A Company

Increase Your Pipeline, Staying Motivated The number 1 reason why businesses fail is due to lack of revenue, and if you remove businesses in the infant stages from those statistics you will see that the same is true for matured businesses.  The reason behind this is because businesses [...]

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The Tortoise OR The Hare?

Marketing Speed Vs Consistency: The Tortoise or The Hare? The answer is BOTH!  While this classic children's story is a staple in every parent's library, there's a third option that isn't typically taught.  The general lesson learned; "Slow and steady wins the race", consistency and patience...but why does [...]

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