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Building a business from the ground up takes a special group of people. We work with people devoted to the culture, goals, and services the business needs. We come from all regions of the country, various industries and backgrounds as a successful digital marketing company to help your business succeed with digital marketing strategy. We have a love for digital change, maybe because we’re free spirits at heart, and the fast paced tech era we live in allows our digital marketing company to thrive and have a competitive advantage over the historical general marketing agencies.

We adapt quick and change paths mid stream, all based on where the target audience’s attention is, and pass along that competitive advantage to our clients

As a top 100 digital marketing company, we only focus on the relevant tactics and the most effective and efficient way to increase your brands’ digital exposure. You won’t hear us speak about some platforms/tactics/strategies that a lot of our marketing agencies might push you towards. If a tactic is no longer effective, we don’t put any attention towards it. We don’t wait for our “industry” to write about it once it begins trending, we are leading the digital marketing industry.


5 Fold Agency has worked with hundreds of clients from many industries, providing quantifiable results so clients understand exactly what their investment gave them in return. 5 Fold Agency continues to expand, we provide a value currently lacking in the industry and a mindset of data-based aggressive marketing in this digital marketing company.

We feel everything offered currently is from a “wait and see” standpoint, which is a very defensive approach to marketing, and we’re changing the standard. Now 5 Fold Agency ranks among the top agencies as a digital marketing company.


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Videos & Articles

Videos & Articles

We come on-site and shoot content for any type of marketing initiative using images or video. Your content needs to stay up to date and video is a driving force in marketing.

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tactic for all companies, you just have to focus on the right platform.

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Pay Per Click

Google, Amazon, Social Media and YouTube; From brand awareness campaigns to strategic click/traffic campaigns, we have the expertise with proven results

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