Vlog 013 - How to Sell Based on Value, Not Price

The price objection means that you haven’t done enough job selling your value.

So frequently people in manufacturing sales get beat up on price by their target demographic, the wrong move is to just give up that margin and fold your cards. While there are price shoppers that move business on pennies, those aren’t any companies that you should want to do business with. If your prospect is beating you up, then change your mindset and focus on providing more value because you didn’t do a good enough job so far.

Once you can convince the buyer that they are getting more value then what they’re paying for, the price objections will stop happening as frequently.

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How To Sell Based On Value, Not Price
How To Sell Based On Value, Not Price

Have you ever been beaten up on price before? Here's some tips on a different way to look at it, focus on the value you're providing first.