Industrial SEO

A Different Approach Than Most

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical if you want prospective clients to discover your business through search, our industrial SEO tactics make that happen quicker than most. You can put up a slick, minimalist website that the graphic designer you hired will tell you is amazing, but if it’s buried on the 25th page of Google results, your prospective clients will never see it.

That’s where a B2B SEO strategy comes in. Search engines use algorithms to comb your website content for relevance to users. The algorithms are constantly evolving—they get better and better at knowing what users want to see when they search certain keywords. If your website content doesn’t match what users want to see or if your website simply doesn’t have enough content for the algorithms to determine whether it’s worthwhile for users, your rankings in will drop and your website will be buried beneath your competitor’s websites.

We stay ahead of most companies by tracking the SEO volatility on a daily basis, and react to the changes/effects immediately…instead of waiting for you to tell us.

We Track Changes Daily

I love working with someone who knows so much about our industry. Kyle and his team are in tune with the best marketing tactics to move our company in front of our competition. A great digital marketing agency to work with. Thanks Kyle and team!
– Shawna Johnson: Sales and Marketing Manager
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Industrial Knowledge

For industrial and manufacturing industry websites, maximizing industrial SEO while still engaging end users is a balancing act that can be difficult to accomplish effectively. We often see agencies focusing strictly on the backend tactics and not enough on the user experience. Users are overloaded with complex information full of technical terminology and jargon, causing them to become overwhelmed. What happens then? Users leave the site without taking any action. We also see SEO tactics taking priority over the overall marketing strategy. This is counterproductive—why drive users to the site with no clear path to converting the lead? SEO is important from an organic search standpoint, but it’s only one aspect of your overall marketing strategy.

We work with our industrial and manufacturing clients to fully understand their marketing strategy before making recommendations on what is the best SEO strategy to implement. A comprehensive B2B marketing strategy is really the sum of multiple parts—effective industrial SEO tactics are important, but they have to be implemented as part of broader plan for success to deliver return on investment. We’ll analyze your current SEO audit and the unique needs of your business and work with you to fully understand your goals, expectations, and budget before we make recommendations regarding industrial SEO.

Our Process is Simple

Audit: On-Page & Off-Page

All SEO projects begin with a full digital health audit so we can understand the current state of your website (on-page) and your backlinks/referrals (off-page).

  • SEO Health Scoring; Keywords, Backlinks, Site Structure, Page Speed, Links, Titles & Meta, Alt Image text, Page Word Count, Duplicate Text, Errors / Warnings / Notices
  • Website design & UX


We perform comprehensive research on what the best keywords should be based on your services/products and compare the monthly search volume against it. Then we assign a keyword phrase to each page of your website and begin analyzing the content for new copywriting.

  • Keywords & phrases
  • Monthly search volume analysis
  • Competition analysis including; organic traffic, keywords, referrals, ppc campaigns


After the SEO strategy is established, we implement in an efficient and aggressive process. Speed is the main driving force, and everything must begin immediately to start tracking the results.

  • Website content optimized based on new strategy and audit report
  • All errors from audit report are corrected


This is where most SEO projects fail, things start off good but without upkeep/optimization results are hindered. The monthly SEO maintenance program continues to increase your keyword positions with strong backlinks from high domain authority sites and keyword optimization.

  • Detailed metrics are sent monthly with a 60 minute conference call
  • Continued support for new services/products focused on the industrial SEO strategy
  • Keyword position tracking setup
  • Monthly blog writing and posting to your website
  • Local SEO monitoring and optimizations
  • Monthly backlink creations, corporate profiles and social signals initialized

Common Mistakes

Understanding The Demographic

Most companies hired to do industrial SEO don’t understand your industry or the target demographic, which can cause major issues with campaign performance.

Budget Misuse

This is where most projects fail. The SEO initiative starts off with a heavy investment in the front-end of the project, but then trails off when it comes to upkeep and optimization. Without proper maintenance that aligns with constantly evolving best practices, results will be hindered. SEO initiatives need to be maintained regularly to be effective and deliver return on investment.