Industrial Website Design

Responsive web design is standard and we do some pretty cool things when our clients come on board. The biggest benefit is since we’re a full service digital marketing & advertising agency, we look at the entire picture when we’re doing industrial website design. Even if your current site has traffic, a complete overhaul isn’t a bad thing if it hasn’t been optimized by a marketing agency. We start at the beginning with target demographic research, fully understanding your service/product and then make sure that all aspects of marketing are being implemented with your web design.

Anyone can build a website…literally anyone that knows how to use a laptop can have a site live within 2 hours. The web design field has been commoditized over the past 15 years (especially industrial website design) because of this and we’ve worked with many companies on web design projects that have suffered by poor marketing tactics on their website. Bells and whistles are nice but marketing strategy, content management and user experience trump everything. With 5 Fold Agency being your single digital agency source and a best industrial website design player, we do it all and incorporate the latest strategies and tactics into your web design.

Our Advantage

Industry Experience

With a ton of direct industry knowledge, you don’t need to spend time explaining what you do…we get it because we used to work in the industry and 100% of our focus in in the Industrial and Manufacturing space.


We’ll write all of your content for you, so you don’t have to spend a ton of time on your web design. So what’s the benefit of that? Well this saves you and your team a ton of hours banging your head against the wall trying to come up with 750-1,000 words per page. With our technical background, we can write content for almost any subject and have professionals on staff. There aren’t many agencies our there that will do the content too, well aren’t many that will do it well…:)


We will perform a full SEO analysis, and research competitors and keywords before we begin crafting our strategy. Then we will begin On Page and Off Page optimization to help better position you.


Things break, need to be optimized or changed down the road…no worries, this B2B website development team includes long term management.

Our Work

Take a peak below at a few of our most recent industrial website design projects with some of our awesome clients!