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With over 450 million users and 120 million of those users located in the United States, LinkedIn has proven to be a viable and quantifiable marketing resource for companies in the B2B space. Until recently, professionals primarily used LinkedIn to conduct background research on people/companies and to conduct job search searches. All of that changed in 2016 when LinkedIn introduced advertising options, taking LinkedIn’s value as an essential marketing tool whole new level.

With self-managed LinkedIn ads (display & text) and sponsored InMail options, businesses now have a new cache of B2B advertising tools to overflow their sales funnel with highly qualified leads. We have researched, tested, and pushed the limits of our own advertising budget to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t with this powerful advertising channel. Before we offer any strategy to our clients, we conduct a comprehensive analysis to make sure our recommendations result in a valuable return on investment for our clients. With LinkedIn advertising, the results are astonishing.

We recently began working with Kyle and 5 Fold Agency in the realm of lead generation. Pleasant Precision was very pleased with the results and professional service we received. Kyle’s team was able to deliver over 225 leads which have lead to RFQ’s, customer visits and new business. We look forward to working with your team in the future!
– Nicky Taylor: President
Pleasant Precision

Our company needed a kick start in generating new leads. Kyle worked with us to develop a target list of customers that fit our product line and locations. Once we kicked him off, we started seeing very high quality leads. Several of them have turned into great opportunities for Revere Plastics Systems. I am positive we will use Kyle again for future sales prospecting. Kyle has been extremely easy and effective to work with and I have no reservations referring him to my personal network.
– Doug Drummond: VP of Sales and Marketing
Revere Plastics Systems

Kyle and his team are incredibly professional, prompt, and thorough with their work. Even as a social media engaged millennial, Kyle and 5 Fold knew strategies that I did not. If you are looking for help getting seen and don’t want to be sold “smoke and mirrors”, I would recommend giving him a call!
– Ben Marsh: CEO
Scout Systems

How Can We Help?

LinkedIn offers several advertising options, but we’ve identified the two that provide the best return on investment for our industrial and manufacturing industry clients.

Sponsored Post

We create custom graphics and engaging, relevant copy to entice your target market to click your ad in their feed. We typically create 4-8 ads per month to keep the message relevant and to capture the attention of your most promising prospects.

Sponsored InMail

We create custom cold InMail messages with branded graphics and a call to action providing the recipient with a high level overview of your value proposition. Each campaign is A/B tested to determine which copy performs the best.

LinkedIn Advertising FAQ's

How Does it Work?

Sponsored Post: Once you have a custom graphic and 130 characters of text (including a link), you post that to your company page. Then you launch a new campaign focusing on your specific target demographic (geographic location, title, job function, industry, etc.). Depending on your bid position (same process as Google AdWords), your Ad shows up in their native newsfeed. The 1st Ad position on LinkedIn is typically the 2nd-4th post in their feed, then it’s every 8-10 positions throughout.

Sponsored InMail: You create the email copy and load into a campaign focusing on your target demographic and a CTA (link to your landing page). Once approved, your InMail will be sent to your target demographic on a daily basis as it processes through your total audience. The messages appear as if you just wrote them, and LinkedIn guarantees delivery. Since it comes from you (or whoever you choose), the target can view your profile to learn more before clicking through if needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sponsored Post: The CPC (cost-per-click) varies based on your specific demographic, but expect to pay $5–$15 per click. The range depends on the position your ad appears in and how many other businesses are advertising to that demographic. On a monthly basis, expect to allocate $500–$2K to see a return on investment.

Sponsored InMail: The CPS (cost-per-send) varies, however expect to pay $0.60–$1.15 on each InMail sent. You’re not charged for the opens or clicks. On a monthly basis, expect to allocate $500–$1,500 to see a return on investment.

Some of Our Campaigns

LinkedIn Advertising Tips

Narrow Your Target

Your target demographic (audience) needs to be as specific as possible. Use all of the filtering fields to yield the most effective results (title, job function, industry, groups, seniority). The Title filter allows you to narrow down your audience to the exact decision makers. If your results are too limited, then use the Job Function filter instead.

Content Relevancy Matters

Generic content or graphics won’t produce results. Develop highly specific content and graphics and run micro-campaigns to a very niche audience. Your ad graphic and copy must catch your audience’s attention, but it also must be relevant to their needs. If you don’t know what your audience wants to see, then do some research before running campaigns. Keep in mind—what you think is relevant isn’t always what your audience thinks is relevant.

Landing Page is Key

A common mistake we see all the time is running campaigns that point the audience on a home page instead of a landing page. Your audience won’t know what action you want them to take when you dump them on a home page. Instead, your ads should direct your audience to an internal landing page with a targeted, specific call to action. The look and feel of the landing page should match the ad graphic and copy. Don’t let all the time and money you’ve spent in advertising go to waste—corresponding landing pages are the best way to minimize your bounce rate and maximize your ROI.

The "see more" will kill you

Once an ad exceeds 130 characters of text, the “see more” grey text appears on the mobile view. Users have to click “see more” to read the rest of the text. This causes accidental clicks (which can add up to serious cash), and people will bounce right away. Keep your ad copy simple and under 130 characters.

Monitor your bounce rate

You sent traffic to your site, but how closely are you monitoring the bounce rate? The bounce rate is the fastest way to gauge the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. When starting new campaigns, you have to monitor this daily to avoid wasting money. If your bounce rate is greater than 60%, you need to revisit your target demographic criteria, ad graphic, ad copy, and landing page. Once your bounce rate is lower than 60%, it’s OK to reduce monitoring to every other day.

Start with Four Ads

Make sure that all sponsored posts include four ads. If your audience doesn’t click your ad the first time, they will see your ad again. If you only have one or two available ads, your audience will keep seeing the same ad over and over. This can cause ad blindness (they don’t even notice the ad anymore) or even cause them to be annoyed by your brand. If your audience doesn’t click your ad the first or second time it appears in their feed, then the ad isn’t catching their attention. If you have four ads in rotation, you can test different graphics and copy to determine what resonates with your audience.

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