LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Your potential customers use LinkedIn—that’s a fact. If you sell B2B, many of the prospects you need to reach are already on LinkedIn, just waiting for you to make a connection. This isn’t just a tool for job hunters; this is a limitless professional network that can flood your sales funnel with qualified leads.

If your social media strategy doesn’t include LinkedIn marketing, you’re missing out on a powerful opportunity to engage with your prospective clients. We’ve developed a full suite of LinkedIn strategies to capture leads from your ever-expanding professional network including LinkedIn advertising

We understand that one of your most time-consuming and challenging tasks is prospecting for new business, and the most difficult part of that process is identifying qualified leads. We help reverse-engineer your approach to online prospecting and drive strategic connections into your sales funnel through proven B2B digital marketing tactics and a robust LinkedIn marketing strategy. We bolster your LinkedIn presence for maximum effectiveness and implement a strategic program specifically designed to help you convert your LinkedIn connections to sales.

FACT: The top two issues we see clients faced with; focusing on the wrong social media platform and not being able to devote the resources to the process. This is not a short term game, it takes time and a significant effort.

Kyle and his team are incredibly professional, prompt, and thorough with their work. Even as a social media engaged millennial, Kyle and 5 Fold knew strategies that I did not. If you are looking for help getting seen and don’t want to be sold “smoke and mirrors”, I would recommend giving him a call!
– Ben Marsh: CEO
Scout Systems

We recently began working with Kyle and 5 Fold Agency in the realm of lead generation. Pleasant Precision was very pleased with the results and professional service we received. Kyle’s team was able to deliver over 225 leads which have lead to RFQ’s, customer visits and new business. We look forward to working with your team in the future!
– Nicky Taylor: President
Pleasant Precision

Our company needed a kick start in generating new leads. Kyle worked with us to develop a target list of customers that fit our product line and locations. Once we kicked him off, we started seeing very high quality leads. Several of them have turned into great opportunities for Revere Plastics Systems. I am positive we will use Kyle again for future sales prospecting. Kyle has been extremely easy and effective to work with and I have no reservations referring him to my personal network.
– Doug Drummond: VP of Sales and Marketing
Revere Plastics Systems

LinkedIn Prospecting

We take over your prospecting, and drive strategic connections into your sales funnel using proven B2B digital marketing tactics and a carefully designed LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Why It Works

How It Works

When people are logged into LinkedIn, their attention is on their professional lives—they’re in business mode. They’re in the mindset to read content related to their industry, build their network, evaluate job opportunities, explore brands and businesses in their market, and more. Their attention is on business, and yours should be too.

  • Professionals use LinkedIn as their primarily social media outlet
  • LinkedIn message notifications don't get trapped in spam folders
  • Professionals are always looking to grow their network—everyone wants to keep the door open to new opportunities
  • LinkedIn reduces the time spent chasing unqualified leads because you are able to review the prospect’s qualifications prior to engaging (and vice versa)

Our LinkedIn prospecting strategy delivers exceptional results that keep our clients busy engaging with their target demographic. To track results, you’ll receive monthly reports showing activity in new connections, connection requests, sent InMails, number of cold messages and responses.

  • We optimize your profile in all aspects: benefit-driven headline, engaging summary, high quality image, and more
  • We set up strategic saved searches in LinkedIn Sales Navigator based on your target demographic criteria: geographic, industry, title, job function, size, groups, skills, etc. We look for trends in industry, size, geographic or job function to create multiple micro-saved searches
  • We compose custom connection requests and cold messages

LinkedIn Company Page Management

We manage your company pages to motivate your prospective clients to take action. We ensure your brand has a consistent presence and delivers content worth engaging with, which is a critical component of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Why it Works

How It Works

  • You can't ask people to follow your company page; you can only entice them to follow your page by giving them engaging content. We develop content that your prospects value, making you a trusted industry source.
  • When you develop and share engaging, useful LinkedIn content with your network, you grow your organic reach. If users find your content valuable, they will follow the company page.
  • Organic reach; the company posts on the page and you share it with all of your connections, if they like the content then they will follow the page
  • Once a user follows your company page, all future posts will show up in your followers native news feed and increase your brand awareness.
  • We optimize your company page so it will be found when LinkedIn users search relevant keywords.
  • Three times per week, we post industry-relevant content that we feel would bring value to your followers.
  • Once per week, we post a branded graphic linking to your company website (home page or internal page).
  • Graphics can be used for future advertising campaigns.
  • We develop monthly reports showing the activity on your LinkedIn page (followers, likes, shares, comments, and more).

LinkedIn Custom Graphic Examples

LinkedIn Advertising

The best PPC advertising campaigns for B2B companies

Why it Works

Using LinkedIn advertising, you have the ability to deliver strategic content to a targeted audience composed exclusively of key decision makers. Whether it’s graphics, text, images, videos or articles, your content must be purposeful and well designed to yield results. Users have ad blindness—they ignore all but the most relevant and engaging ads. We help you reach your target audience by mapping out a strategic content plan, developing high quality content, executing the posting process, and tracking audience engagement and results.

What's the Cost?

Even though the cost-per-click (CPC) is high ($8–$15), the quality of the traffic is well worth the spend. Because you have 100% control over your audience, accidental clicks are limited and the bounce rate is low. With only $500–$5K per month, LinkedIn advertising will deliver a better return on investment than any other advertising tactic.

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