LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

If your social media strategy hasn’t significantly changed over the past 6-12 months, then you are missing out on some great opportunities. During this timeframe there have been a couple of epic shifts into the tools that marketers can begin to utilize. LinkedIn B2B marketing and LinkedIn advertising have significantly dented the conventional budgets and people are starting to pay attention.

But why should you be paying attention? ALL of your prospects are on LinkedIn if you sell B2B, and if you’re in one of the industries that we serve then you need to listen even closer. The most common issues our clients have is prospecting/hunting for new business. For a majority, all of their potential customers are on LinkedIn and our programs are specifically designed around supporting your efforts.

FACT: the top two issues we see clients faced with; focusing on the wrong social media platform and not being able to devote the resources to the process. This is not a short term game, it takes time and a significant effort.

LinkedIn Prospecting

We take over your prospecting, and drive strategic connections into your sales funnel through proven B2B digital marketing tactics

Why It Works

All of your potential customers use LinkedIn that’s a fact. The only subjective viewpoint is their login frequency and purpose of being on there, which is why we don’t give up after only 1 attempt. For most professionals, LinkedIn is the primary social platform that has their attention; news source, network building, job opportunities, brand awareness, etc. Their attention is there, and yours should be too.

How It Works

Our process is simple, the results are exceptional and our clients are busy engaging with their target demographic on a daily basis. It typically takes us about 7-10 days from kickoff until we are sending out the first connection requests. Each client receives weekly reports showing activity in; New connections, sent connection requests, sent InMails, number of cold messages (and which step).

  •  Most professionals primarily use LinkedIn as their social media outlet
  • Notifications of messages don't get caught in spam
  • People are always looking to increase their network
  • It allows connections to review your qualifications before engaging
  •  We optimize your profile in all aspects; Headline, summary, previous positions, groups, photo, education and skills
  • We setup strategic saved searches in LinkedIn Sales Navigator based on your target demographic criteria; Geographic, industry, title, job function, size, groups, skills, etc. We look for trends in industry, size, geographic or job function to create multiple micro saved searches
  • We create custom connection request copy and send with each attempt to connect
  • We create 3 separate cold message copy to provide a high level value proposition and CTA (call to action)
  • Once people begin engaging, we tag them appropriately for future reference and sorting based on tag
  • We continue to engage until the person responds and then pass it off to our client for further qualification

LinkedIn Company Page Management

We manage your company pages so your brand has a consistent presence and content worth engaging with

Why it Works

How It Works

  •  You can't request people to follow your company page, you can only entice them to follow based on the content you post
  • Gives your employees something to share with their networks and provides an organic reach. This is why it's important to continue to build your network
  • Organic reach; the company posts on the page and you share it with all of your connections, if they like the content then they will follow the page
  • Any future posts will show up in your followers native news feed and increase your brand awareness
  •  We optimize your company page so it can be found in keyword searching, has relevant capabilities/services/product copy
  • 3 days per week we post industry relevant content that we feel would bring value to your followers
  • 1 day per week we post a custom graphic that we created, linking to the company website (home page or internal page)
  • Graphics can be used for future advertising campaigns
  • We send monthly reports showing the activity on your LinkedIn page; followers, likes, shares, comments

Custom Graphic Examples

Post Examples

LinkedIn Advertising

The best PPC advertising campaigns for B2B companies

Why it Works

Your target demographic is using LinkedIn for business and you have the ability to strategically narrow your advertisements to be focused around the key decision makers…and only them. Whether it’s graphics, text, images, short videos or strategically positioned articles, the content to acquire engagement must be relevant to your target demographic. Simply throwing an ad in their feed isn’t the most effective social media strategy. We help with the planning of strategic content, execution and tracking to get the most of your audience.

What's the Cost?

Even though the CPC (cost-per-click) is high ($8 – $15), the quality of the traffic is well worth the spend. Since you have 100% control over who your ads are placed in front of, there are minimal “mistake clicks” and the bounce rate is low. With only $500 – $5K per month, your ROI will be better than any of your other marketing tactics.

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