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Building a business from the ground up takes a special group of people. We work with the people that are devoted to the culture, goals, and services that the business needs. We come from all regions of the country, various industries and backgrounds as a successful B2B marketing agency to help the business succeed with their digital marketing strategy. We have a love for digital change, maybe because we’re gypsies at heart, the fast paced tech era that we live in allows niche agencies to thrive and have a competitive advantage over the historical general marketing agencies. We adapt quick, change paths mid stream, all based on where the demographic’s attention is and assist our clients by passing along that competitive advantage.

As a very successful manufacturing marketing agency, we only focus on the relevant tactics and what is the most effective and efficient way to increase your brands’ digital exposure. You won’t hear us speak about many platforms/tactics/strategies that a lot of our marketing agency competitors might push you towards. That’s simply because if it’s no longer effective, we don’t put any attention towards it because we go where the market goes first…we don’t wait for our “industry” to write about it once it begins trending.

Our 50+ years experience directly in the B2B industry has propelled us into being one of the top B2B marketing agencies.

Our company needed a kick start in generating new leads. Kyle worked with us to develop a target list of customers that fit our product line and locations. Once we kicked him off, we started seeing very high quality leads. Several of them have turned into great opportunities for Revere Plastics Systems. I am positive we will use Kyle again for future sales prospecting. Kyle has been extremely easy and effective to work with and I have no reservations referring him to my personal network.
– Doug Drummond: VP of Sales and Marketing
Revere Plastics Systems

As a one person marketing department, one of the owners, and wearer of MANY other hats, it’s such a blessing to have you all as part of my team. It really helps take a lot of pressure off my shoulders knowing that you “get” manufacturing and are incredibly advanced in social media strategy/execution, website design, general business & marketing tactics, and more specifically the injection molding industry. I highly recommend Kyle Milan & the 5 Fold Agency to those looking to expand their marketing department without adding overhead, grow their business, or even to those who just need an industry expert’s help to fine tune strategies.
– Wendy: Marketing Manager
Polymer Conversions & SILIKON Technologies

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Kyle Milan CEO of 5 Fold Agency

Since the age of 16, Kyle has always wanted to own a company where he could lead a team of ambitious individuals down a path of disrupting an industry and being a leader in that space. He knew that to truly make an impact, he would need to spend a significant amount of time working in various industries to obtain a well-rounded knowledge base. After 13 years working for other employers, he ventured on his own to form 5 Fold Agency which is now among the top manufacturing marketing agencies in an effort to provide valuable services in the market that was lacking an aggressive approach. He felt everything currently offered was from a “wait and see” standpoint and was a very defensive approach to marketing, he wanted to change the standard.

5 Fold Agency has worked with 100’s of clients from various industrial and manufacturing sectors providing quantifiable results so clients would truly understand exactly what their investment gave them in return. 5 Fold Agency continues to expand, and Kyle is focused around providing a value that is currently lacking and a mindset of data based aggressive marketing.

(312) 525-9652 ext. 101

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The Glue Of Our Agency

Account Management

The main contact point for our clients, masters of project management and making sure that everything is within timeline. Our account management team is dedicated to communication utilizing our TeamWork Projects platform for the best cloud based project management system. Our clients get full access to our system as a singular place for all communication.

Web Design & SEO

Your website is the face of your business, and our designers are experts in making sure that everything is optimized for the best UX (user experience). We know user behavior better than anyone because we track everything with raw data. Our SEO team focuses around the highest quality of tactics that only improve your search positions.

Sales Engineers

Have you ever struggled to make your marketing agency understand your business? With over 34+ years of combined experience in sales & marketing for industrial companies we have a track record of producing significant results before we started 5 Fold Agency

  • $300 million+ in combined awarded business as employees
  • Managed accounts from small startups to fortune 500 (Deere, 3M, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Emerson, etc.)
  • Specialty experience in Plastics, Metals, Machining, Medical Device, Distribution, Equipment & Industrial Products

Graphic Design

Your brand has to stand out against all of your competitors, our team knows exactly how to accomplish this. By combining a creative approach with our technical knowledge, we not only make your brand look awesome but we know what your target demographic cares about.

We focus on the most relevant value proposition for your industry and know how to make you stand out in a competitive industry.