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Your Social Presence

Your potential customers are on Social Media—that’s a fact. If you sell B2B, many of the prospects you need to reach are already on LinkedIn, just waiting for you to make a connection. LinkedIn isn’t just a tool for job hunters; this is a limitless professional network that can flood your sales funnel with qualified leads. Is your social media marketing agency driving your brand awareness with the right people, n the right platforms?

To some, Facebook may seem like a place for “kids”, however almost all people have a profile. The key to understanding social media is to first know the mindset of the user when they’re on the platform, and to know that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram all need to be treated differently. Once you understand that, your marketing strategy gets easier. As a top social media marketing agency, our playbook gets results.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include social media marketing, you’re missing out on a powerful opportunity to engage with your prospective clients. We’ve developed a full suite of social media advertising strategies to capture leads from the ever-expanding networks.

We understand one of your most time-consuming and challenging tasks is prospecting for new business, and the most difficult part of that process is identifying qualified leads. We help reverse-engineer your approach to online prospecting and a drive strategic demographic into your sales funnel through proven social media marketing agency tactics and a robust social media marketing strategy. We bolster your social media presence for maximum effectiveness and implement a strategic program specifically designed to help you convert your social connections to sales.

FACT: The top two issues we see clients faced with are focusing on the wrong social media platform and not devoting the right resources to the process. This is not a short term game, it takes time and a significant effort.

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LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Social Media Marketing Agency

We manage your company pages to motivate your prospective clients to take action, a key aspect of working with a social media marketing agency. We ensure a consistent presence for your brand and deliver content worth engaging with, which is a critical component of social media marketing strategy.

Depending on if you’re B2B or B2C, we develop a strategic plan to achieve your goals and track with monthly KPI’s. Our social media marketing agency delivers results.

The informed customer era began years ago, and we now live in a world where people do a lot of research before choosing to engage with a company or brand. Our goal is to reduce that timeframe and provide relevant content to help your brand be found and get engagement. By hiring a top social media marketing agency like 5 Fold Agency, we can help with the heavy lifting and manage it all for you.

For B2B clients; When people log into LinkedIn, their attention is on their professional lives — they’re in business mode. They’re in the mindset to read content related to their industry, build their network, evaluate job opportunities, explore brands and businesses in their market, and more. Their attention is on business, and yours should be too.

Organic Growth

Brand Awareness

Once our clients come on board and we develop a strategic social strategy together, we provide monthly reports tracking the KPI’s and goals of the initiative. By assisting with the sales pipeline we provide high quality traffic through the social pages, and our clients typically see a 2x – 7x increase in engagement & impressions.

We create custom branded graphics to post on your page weekly. This is a as a brand awareness strategy designed to keep your brand on someone’s social feed, and in their minds. The informed customer era emerged years ago and while people are doing a lot more research before they purchase, they are also doing it on their time.

By creating graphics with native copywriting and links to your site, you entice the user with the graphic and then educate on your site. These graphics can also be used for any PPC advertising campaign or as brand collateral for other purposes.

For everyone that wants, we are fully prepared to come on-site to your location for a content shoot to ensure we have the most up to date images for your marketing campaigns. All graphics follow brand guidelines, we also create graphics for all content marketing postings.

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Social PPC; LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

Social Media Advertising

The most effective and quantifiable advertising campaigns for B2B & B2C companies is social media advertising. Using social media advertising, you  deliver strategic content to a targeted audience composed exclusively of key decision makers. Whether it’s graphics, text, images, videos or articles, your content must be purposeful and well designed to yield results. Users have ad blindness—they ignore all but the most relevant and engaging ads, and with our help yours will be the few that stand out.

We help you reach your target audience by mapping out a strategic content plan, developing high quality content, executing the posting process, and tracking audience engagement and results.

Even though the cost-per-click (CPC) varies on campaign type and social platform, LinkedIn can be higher than SEM (up to ~$15/click), the quality of the traffic is well worth the spend. Because you have 100% control over your audience, accidental clicks are limited and the bounce rate is low. With only $500–$5K per month, social media advertising will deliver a better return on investment than any other advertising tactic.


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