How to Plan Your Video Content: Strategy and Tips

Content creation can be one of the best ways to drive people to your business, but the actual process of content creation can be painful sometimes. We deal with the pains of creating content every day, but we show you how we power through when content block hits us hard.

Kyle shares his opinions on content creation and how to overcome blocks. 

Here’s a shorter video of the struggles that you will deal with when you try and make content every **** day.

Making content is not as difficult as it looks nor as it as easy as it looks with some of the guys or girls who have been doing it forever. The biggest struggle that we’ve had with today, is thinking about the topic. So we sat and we talked for what an hour and a half ish and I sat at my desk for an hour going through a spreadsheet of ideas that we had and I didn’t like em. It’s figuring out how to make it fancy, these ideas that you have, where when I originally had the vlog it was just me shooting it myself, as something came up to me to now having other people involved in it. It’s difficult because I have this idea of how I want it to look, but it’s not really realistic to have it look like that.

The underlying thing is that making any content, and I’ve said this before, any content is better than no content. But engaging the audience and making sure that it’s valuable is at the end of the day the underlying thing that you’re trying to do. When you’re going through the process, you just have to start doing something and start making that content. It should be more organized and it should be different scenes but dealing with that struggle of fighting in your mind of how you want to it be versus how it actually will be, is something that pretty much for the last hour and a half, two hours, we’ve been dealing with internally.

So there’s certain things, maybe we don’t break it down til we’re like three days a week, it’s going the be that environment and the other two days it’s gonna be the couch and then there’s like one day that’s this scene, like to where it’s structural like that. Conversations or meetings that we have during the time frame that you are here to shoot them, like usually I never sit down, we don’t have a conversation, but if I’m just standing here talking about some stuff and then you’re just hand holding it from there, that could work.

Well no, it’s okay for it to be raw like that, but he can move and shoot it to where it’s showing that there is…

Have a third person here.

Well that we have a person that’s actually filming there. In business this is how it is. Dude sitting, Nick says talking head. Dude sitting here, camera, background, lighting, whatever, talks about something, turns off the camera, moves on.

So from my perspective, it’s way more force if I’m sitting, staring, talking to the camera, lights, it’s more force to be like, this is exactly what I want to say, and then let’s say we pause and what are the next three things that I wanna talk about?

Or if I just go on like a rant and can just talk for six minutes whereas when there’s more movement, it’s just more natural to just say whatever we’re talking about. Because even if we’re gonna shoot content for our website, I don’t want a white backdrop, I don’t want me standing there with a suit jacket on and then have a white screen behind it. I’d much rather do a couch scene or a chair scene or something like that to where it’s more personal, less fancy.

Right and that’s where it’s tough is because I can’t go out and hashtag do shit when I have to be at my computer for eight hours doing the work. When I’m like, what’s the intro, what’s the outro, I don’t want this to just be the same thing. That’s sparked this entire conversation that’s been an hour and a half of us talking about content. That is the theme for the day.


That’s what I’m gonna talk to the camera about, is you coming around that corner and being like, “Are you ready to shoot content?” And me being like, “I’m still stuck on the ****ing topic.” And then me going outside and coming back in and talking to her like that. If all of that was captured, that to me wouldn’t make it better. So this is a way that we did it, cos we’re smart, and there’s smart people that work here.

Think of all these ideas, put them on a list, on a spreadsheet of topics that I can talk about and then categorize those into different segments, like we’re gonna talk about social media marketing, social media advertising, web development. So we break them into these buckets and then we put the topic ideas in there and then we basically just pick one, the idea, the theory was, we’d pick one and that’s the theme for the day and then we’d just shoot content around that.

What ends up happening is, as I’m going through this list that we’ve had for months, I end up just crossing out, saying most of these ideas suck and I want it to be more fluid and natural to where the camera’s moving as we’re in the middle of having a conversation, and it’s just capturing whatever the theme is of the day and then creating some face to camera moment where I’m talking specifically to you guys about what is that theme and what is the main takeaway for that topic.

What it ends up being is just the struggle of what are we gonna talk about? As of this week, as the last couple of days, what are we gonna talk about? I dunno. Let’s go through the list real quick. Okay, I’m gonna talk about that. And it just, from my standpoint, being the creative, it just feels like it’s being forced into, sit in front of the camera and you’re gonna talk about this subject for the next 10 minutes and it’s gonna be good valuable content, and it’s just forced to where it doesn’t feel natural to me at all for me to talk about whatever happened or whatever I want to talk about.

And that is the struggle that you deal with when you’re making content. Now when you start distributing it and you get the feedback from the people and the platforms, that’s when you’re gonna start to figure out what do people want to see, but going into it with your own, you gotta be comfortable with what you’re actually doing. And so this is natural, but I don’t know if this is entertaining enough for my liking, and that’s what we’ve been dealing with today. If you guys like this video, then hit that like button and we’ll see you on the next one.

You do have to start somewhere Nick and that should be a ****ing quote on a shirt.

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How to Plan Your Video Content - Tips and Strategy for Content Planning
How to Plan Your Video Content - Tips and Strategy for Content Planning

Content creation can be one of the best ways to drive people to your business, but the actual process of content creation can be painful sometimes. We deal with the pains of creating content every day, but we show you how we power through when content block hits us hard.