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We equip our clients with aggressive digital marketing strategies focused only on channels where we know their target demographic is paying attention. How do we know where the target audience is focusing their attention? Experience. Because we have 50+ years of combined experience managing sales and marketing campaigns for B2B companies, we already understand the unique aspects of each industry. Our clients don’t have to spend valuable time and resources on our learning curve—we already understand their business and their marketing challenges.

It’s a story we’ve heard hundreds of times. Our clients tell us, “We worked for months to build our website. We spent so much money and time to make sure everything was just right. We launched our site and waited for the leads to roll in. But then—nothing. What happened?”

 We help companies increase revenue and brand awareness

I love working with someone who knows so much about our industry. Kyle and his team are in tune with the best marketing tactics to move our company in front of our competition. A great digital marketing agency to work with. Thanks Kyle and team!
– Shawna Johnson: Sales and Marketing Manager
ProMed Molded Products

We recently began working with Kyle and 5 Fold Agency in the realm of lead generation. Pleasant Precision was very pleased with the results and professional service we received. Kyle’s team was able to deliver over 225 leads which have lead to RFQ’s, customer visits and new business. We look forward to working with your team in the future!
– Nicky Taylor: President
Pleasant Precision

Our company needed a kick start in generating new leads. Kyle worked with us to develop a target list of customers that fit our product line and locations. Once we kicked him off, we started seeing very high quality leads. Several of them have turned into great opportunities for Revere Plastics Systems. I am positive we will use Kyle again for future sales prospecting. Kyle has been extremely easy and effective to work with and I have no reservations referring him to my personal network.
– Doug Drummond: VP of Sales and Marketing
Revere Plastics Systems

Kyle and his team are incredibly professional, prompt, and thorough with their work. Even as a social media engaged millennial, Kyle and 5 Fold knew strategies that I did not. If you are looking for help getting seen and don’t want to be sold “smoke and mirrors”, I would recommend giving him a call!
– Ben Marsh: CEO
Scout Systems

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Our Qualifications

The most common reason our clients choose to partner with 5 Fold Agency is that they are tired of waiting. Whether it’s waiting for an agency that lacks the experience in your space to deliver results or waiting for customers to find them online, the results simply aren’t coming fast enough. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we partner with clients to deliver smart, streamlined, and strategic results.

We have hands-on experience in the B2B & B2C market

When businesses work with marketing agencies, they often have to spend time and resources teaching the agency how their business works. You won’t have that problem when you partner with 5 Fold Agency. We’ve spent years actually working in the industry, so we already understand what a successful marketing program looks like for B2B & B2C companies.

We Provide Fully Customized Digital Marketing Solutions

We don’t churn out mass-produced marketing programs—we understand that each client has unique goals and objectives that form the foundation of a successful marketing program. We help our clients identify and sharpen their unique objectives, and then we design a custom marketing program to deliver measurable results.

We support every aspect of your B2B marketing needs

At a lot of companies, the marketing department is small and overextended. We understand; we’ve been there. We’ve built our digital marketing agency to pick up where your in-house marketing capabilities leave off. When you partner with 5 Fold Agency, you’ll be able to leverage our extensive resources and marketing experience to build a digital strategy that works for your business.

Our Approach

We only work with B2 companies, resulting in hyper-focused attention on what works in your industry.

We analyze your target audience and identify the key performance indicators that are critical to successful lead generation and conversion.

We keep up with emerging strategies, technology, and trends so you benefit from the latest digital tools and tactics.

Web Design & SEO

Your website in front line of your brand. Existing customers and potential customers all do the same thing when they consider doing business with you—they check out your website. Your website needs to deliver accurate, timely content. The images and design should be crisp and current. But even if your website looks sharp and your content is up-to-date, it won’t matter if your potential clients can’t find you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to making sure clients can find you online and we know exactly how to position your brand and get attention from your B2B clients.

Case Study - ProMed Molded Products

Our client came to us looking for a marketing partner that not only could produce results but also one that had a focus and significant experience in the manufacturing industry. The goal was to re-design an existing website for one of their divisions, however upon completing our marketing audit we provided the strategy of combining all of their divisions into a singular brand image to increase the marketing effectiveness.


  • 12 weeks
  • 3 websites combined into one
  • 146 pages of content reviewed, edited and re-written
  • Custom Videos, Images and Brand Graphics
  • Dedicated pages for industry events and trade shows
  • SEO optimization - 90 Days to 1st page Google Rankings for over 52 keyword phrases

LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising

Forget about Twitter and Facebook. Your clients aren’t looking for manufacturing partners there. LinkedIn is where businesses are looking for connections. Learn how we’re driving prospects into our clients’ sales funnels with our extensive LinkedIn marketing services customized around your industry.

Google PPC

Pay per click advertising (like Google AdWords) can be a useful tool in your digital marketing arsenal. But if the campaign isn’t executed with careful planning and analysis, it can also be like setting your money on fire. Our expert-level understanding of the industrial and manufacturing industry will guide us in determining exactly how to make PPC work for your business—and it won’t take a big budget to be effective.

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Additional Services

We’re a full-service industrial marketing agency. We can help your company design engaging pitch decks, brochures, email marketing, logos and branding assets, and more. We can also work with you to develop a smart, targeted plan for market positioning and strategy.

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