The Herald-News Reopens Office to the Public in Joliet

Sep 17, 2020

Welcome to The Herald-News, your trusted source of news and information in Joliet. We are excited to announce that our office is now officially open to the public! Continuing our commitment to serving the community, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors.

Why Visit The Herald-News Office in Joliet?

At The Herald-News, we believe in the importance of fostering a strong connection with our readers and the community. By reopening our office doors, we aim to provide an enhanced experience for those who prefer to interact with us in person. Here are some compelling reasons to pay us a visit:

1. Engage with Local News

Want to delve deeper into the local news stories that matter to Joliet residents? Our office is the perfect place to engage with our dedicated team of journalists and gain valuable insights into the latest happenings in our community. Feel free to discuss the stories that interest you or share your own experiences.

2. Connect with Journalists and Editors

Are you an aspiring journalist or have a story that you think deserves attention? Our reopened office provides you with an opportunity to connect directly with our talented team of journalists and editors. Whether you are seeking advice or want to pitch a story idea, our experts are here to listen and guide you.

3. Explore Exclusive Events and Workshops

In addition to our regular news coverage, we also organize exclusive events and workshops for our readers. By visiting our office, you can gain access to these special gatherings and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for news and community engagement.

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Richard Lyszczek
I'm thrilled to hear that The Herald-News office in Joliet has reopened to the public! It's great to have a trusted and reliable source of news that encourages community engagement. Looking forward to visiting the office soon and experiencing the safe and welcoming environment firsthand. Keep up the excellent work!
Nov 11, 2023
Jason Scherbert
Looking forward to visiting The Herald-News office in Joliet! Excited for more community engagement.
Oct 7, 2023