Daily Chronicle earns 9 awards from Northern Illinois News Association

Sep 18, 2022


Welcome to the official page of Daily Chronicle, where we proudly share the news that our organization has received nine prestigious awards from the Northern Illinois News Association (NINA). As a renowned Business and Consumer Services - Consulting & Analytical services provider, 5 Fold Agency is committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients, and this recognition is a testament to our dedication and expertise.

Our Achievements

We are delighted to announce that Daily Chronicle, a part of 5 Fold Agency, has been honored with nine awards in various categories by NINA. These awards serve as a validation of our commitment to journalistic excellence and our continuous efforts to deliver accurate, impactful, and informative news to our readers.

1. Best Investigative Reporting

Our investigative journalism team worked tirelessly to uncover essential truths that impact our community. Through thorough research, interviews, and analysis, we were able to shed light on critical issues that had previously been overlooked. This award reaffirms our dedication to uncovering the truth and holding those in power accountable.

2. Excellence in Feature Writing

Great storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Our talented feature writers bring stories to life, captivating readers with their powerful narratives. This award recognizes their exceptional ability to connect with our audience and explore meaningful topics that resonate within our community.

3. Outstanding Sports Reporting

Sports play a significant role in our community, and our dedicated sports reporting team covers the latest local sporting events, profiles athletes, and brings the excitement of the game to our readers. This award highlights their exceptional efforts in delivering high-quality sports journalism.

4. Best Photojournalism

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our talented photojournalists capture powerful images that evoke emotions and tell stories. This award recognizes their ability to freeze a moment in time and convey the essence of a story through visuals.

5. Excellence in Editorial Writing

Our editorial team provides insightful analysis, thought-provoking opinions, and relevant commentary on the most pressing issues in our community. This award acknowledges their dedication to fostering meaningful discussions and shaping public discourse.

6. Outstanding Business Reporting

In today's dynamic business landscape, accurate and timely reporting on economic developments is crucial. Our business reporting team excels in delivering comprehensive coverage of local businesses, market trends, and economic insights. This award recognizes their exceptional journalistic skills in the realm of business reporting.

7. Best Community Reporting

Community reporting lies at the heart of our mission. We are deeply committed to highlighting the stories, issues, and individuals that shape and inspire our community. This award is a testament to our dedication to providing engaging and impactful community-focused journalism.

8. Excellence in Education Reporting

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future. Our dedicated education reporting team delves into the challenges, successes, and innovations within our local education system. This award acknowledges their commitment to keeping our readers informed about the latest developments in the field of education.

9. Outstanding Environmental Reporting

As an organization, we understand the importance of environmental sustainability and the impact it has on our community. Our environmental reporting team is dedicated to covering environmental issues, raising awareness, and advocating for a greener future. This award recognizes their efforts in creating a dialogue around environmental conservation.


At Daily Chronicle, a division of 5 Fold Agency, we are humbled and honored by these awards from the Northern Illinois News Association. We are grateful for the trust our readers place in us, and we will continue to uphold the highest standards of journalism as we deliver news that informs, inspires, and empowers our community.

Nancy Fennell
Great job, Daily Chronicle! Congratulations on earning 9 well-deserved awards from the Northern Illinois News Association. Your commitment to delivering exceptional results for your clients truly shines through. Keep up the excellent work!
Nov 12, 2023