Mobile Marketing 12/01/2017 11:25:28

Mobile marketing as a central part of a contemporary brand and sales strategy

The interaction with smartphone or tablet accompanies us through all everyday situations and parts of our lives, correspondingly mobile advertising is a central component of a modern brand and sales strategy. No other medium addresses potential customers as situationally and location-related as mobile devices. More and more often, the customer journey begins with product searches on mobile devices or these are used as an information medium at the point of sale.

Mann sitzt auf Sofa, trägt Apple Watch und tippt auf seinem iPhone

Challenge in Mobile Advertising - Entertainment Combined with Relevance

The interest of mobile users lives in and from the moment. The user demands dynamic content and should be enthusiastic, but not disturbed by the advertising.
We align your mobile campaign with the location and situation of the user and optimize all processes. To do this, we use all available technical possibilities and attract the attention of the user. Let us inspire your potential customers with mobile advertising of your product, strengthen your brand and dab

Our range of services in mobile marketing includes:

  • Strategy and campaign planning in branding and performance
  • Media purchase directly like RTA (banner, image text and moving image)
  • Technical support, adserving and tracking
  • Targeting, re-targeting and location-based control
  • App Store Optimization
  • Creation of landing pages and advertising media (incl. rich media)