Programmatic Advertising 12/01/2017 11:27:23

With Programmatic Advertising / Optimization more focus on the individual user

Programmatic Buying is an automated purchase of real-time display advertising. Compared to classic display advertising, the focus is no longer on the advertising environment, but on the individual user. As soon as a single user accesses a website, the respective advertising spaces of the website accessed are auctioned in an auction lasting 1 millisecond. Thanks to our specialists in real time advertising, you benefit from a high degree of flexibility and transparency. By intelligent shifting of your investments, efficiency optimizations are constantly being made in order to achieve the specific goals.

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DSP Services - Real Time Advertising - Advertiser & Agencies:

Through our technology partners Doubleclick Bid Manager and Splicky (Mobile DSP), we offer advertisers and agencies the opportunity to purchase advertising inventory in real time, via various auction mechanisms, fully automatically. Based on the campaign goal and your target group, the advertising campaigns are purchased and controlled precisely and with the lowest dispersion loss.

The service of our Programmatic Buying expert team also includes various measures for verifying traffic and optimizing advertising contacts, using the technology solutions of Integral AdScience and Zulu5 for quality assurance.

Our range of services in the field of Programmatic Advertising / Optimization includes

  • Real Time Buying and Optimization in Display, Mobile and Video
  • Transparent purchase on already negotiated Preferred Deals
  • Bidding strategies based on target KPI's
  • Permanent monitoring and monitoring of your campaigns
  • Integration of existing data and enrichment of third-party data
  • Booking Google inventory incl. YouTube Standard and TrueView via direct interface
  • Implementation and implementation of re-targeting