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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) - Search Engine Marketing

In a world of ever shorter trends and innovation cycles, it is essential to continuously train its employees. This elementary building block is firmly connected to our DNA. Whether search engine optimization or search engine advertising – only consistently trained teams also achieve sustainable success within the search engines.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Suchmaschinenoptimierung

For the 5Fold Agency teams, the declared goal is to achieve the best ranking results for our customers every day. Any penny saved by search engine optimization in Search Engine Advertising (SEA) can be reinvested in performance and branding campaigns. SEO requires, among other things, in-depth technical expertise and a clear understanding of how content marketing topics need to be implemented.

5Fold Agency provides you with a competent team that develops in-depth and comprehensive SEO concepts for you, so that your website is fit for the future and therefore in the long term. We discuss with our customers the most effective procedure possible to pave the way to the first search results page and generate moretraffic.

Promising SEO measures involve more than optimizing Google rankings. Content marketing, the targeted development of relevant content, makes your pages really more attractive to visitors. A coordinated mix of relevant keywords, website optimizations and valuable content promises quantifiable SEO success.

Our range of services in the field of SEO (search engine marketing) includes

  • OnPage Optimization
  • Keyword Monitoring, Research & Strategy
  • Support for the implementation of SEO measures
  • Planning and implementation of content marketing campaigns
  • Targeted backlink analyses, as well as high-quality link construction
  • Ranking analysis, as well as Redirect Manager Reporting

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) - Search Engine Advertising

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is an integral and integral part of Search Engine Marketing. It is used for both pure branding and performance campaigns. With SEA, you have the opportunity to identify and identify your target groups online, and then to promote you with your offers in a targeted manner, tailored to their needs.

5Fold Agency provides you with a team of long-time experienced employees in the field of search engine advertising, who use their know-how to identify the appropriate keywords and create advertisements. Only in this way can we generate a maximum of campaign successes for you!

In the SEA, we always develop new approaches and build on existing ones, using proven processes and data as insight to achieve the best possible approach. Our strategies are based on your consumers and target groups to cover all touchpoints in marketing and sales as part of a comprehensive customer journey.

Our range of services in the field of SEA (search engine advertising) includes

  • Comprehensive consulting and strategy development
  • AdWords and campaign setup (as well as migration of existing accounts)
  • Consistent and continuous adaptation and optimization of ongoing campaigns (Campaign Management/Reporting/Audit)
  • Linking to re-marketing and video campaigns
  • Integration of existing technologies, after effort assessment