Website Analytics 12/01/2017 12:38:58

Analyze users' usage with Web Analytics

The website is a central hub for information, interaction and transaction. Accordingly, it is important to continuously analyse their use by consumers by means of web analyses, with the aim of making digital measures as relevant and efficient as possible. The insights of topics such as device detection, user-journey or traffic evaluation of advertising campaigns create valuable insights for marketing and sales to increase performance.

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Our range of services in the field of web analytics includes

  • Independent advice on the choice of web analysis tool
  • Checking and testing the setup
  • Increase data analysis and derive of measures to achieve goals, e.g. conversions or website traffic
  • Definition, capture and assess key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Transfer of know-how: training and workshops

Target vulnerabilities with Conversion Optimization (CO)

Until conversion, such as the purchase of a product in a shop, potential customers go through many steps. In doing so, they encounter barriers that often lead to the cancellation of the purchase process. Due to the oversupply of online shops, even small hurdles in the purchase process pose the risk of jumping off to a webshop of the competitor.

Why and how many visitors are jumping off our website?

We find out how users move, what attracts their attention and why they leave the website at a certain point. In this way, websites and all steps within the conversion funnel can be tested, including responsive, mobile, and apps steps. Common reasons for shopping cancellation and funnel for shopping cart cancellation.

Conversion Optimization (CO) specifically reduces weak vulnerabilities and finds solutions to optimally exploit the potential of a page. In most cases, even small adjustments have a strong impact on performance, so CO pays off quickly and leads to more holistically efficient online measures.

Our range of services in the field of CO (Conversion Optimization) includes

  • Purchase Cancellation Analysis
  • On-site analysis
  • Heat mapping, mouse and eye tracking
  • Landing page and conversion testing
  • User experience and user feedback analysis