Creston News Advertiser Staff Wins Awards at Iowa Newspaper Association Annual Convention

Jun 1, 2019

At the recent Iowa Newspaper Association Annual Convention, the talented staff members of the Creston News Advertiser were recognized for their outstanding contributions to journalism. Their exceptional work across various categories garnered multiple prestigious awards, solidifying the newspaper's position as an industry leader in delivering quality news and content to the community.

Recognizing Excellence

The Creston News Advertiser staff's accomplishments at the convention reflect their unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence. Their dedication to providing insightful reporting, engaging features, and comprehensive coverage has not gone unnoticed. The awards they received serve as a testament to their exceptional abilities and the tireless efforts they put into their work each day.

Unveiling the Winners

The awards received by the Creston News Advertiser staff encompassed a wide range of categories, highlighting their versatility and expertise. Among the accolades were:

  • Best Investigative Reporting: This award recognized the newspaper's in-depth investigation into a local political scandal, shedding light on crucial information that had previously remained undisclosed.
  • Best Feature Writing: The newspaper's talented writers were acknowledged for their compelling feature stories that captivated readers and provided them with a fresh perspective on various topics.
  • Best Editorial: The Creston News Advertiser's thought-provoking editorials earned recognition for their ability to offer insightful commentary on important issues affecting the community.
  • Best Photography: The newspaper's skilled photographers were commended for their ability to capture powerful images that vividly depicted the essence of news stories and events.

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Ade Moses
Congrats 🎉 to the incredible Creston News Advertiser staff for their well-deserved awards at the Iowa Newspaper Association Annual Convention! 🏆💪 Your outstanding contributions and dedication to quality journalism truly make a difference in our community. Keep up the fantastic work! 👏📰
Nov 12, 2023