19 Can't-Miss Experiences at Catersource 2020

Apr 7, 2021

Welcome to 5 Fold Agency, your trusted partner in Business and Consumer Services - Consulting & Analytical services. As industry experts, we understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and events. That's why we're excited to share the 19 can't-miss experiences at Catersource 2020, the leading event for the catering and event planning industry.

1. Keynote Speech by Renowned Catering Expert

Immerse yourself in the wisdom and expertise of a renowned catering expert as they deliver the keynote speech at Catersource 2020. Gain insights into the latest industry trends and discover innovative strategies to elevate your catering business to new heights.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology Showcase

Explore the cutting-edge technology solutions transforming the catering and event planning industry at the Technology Showcase. Witness firsthand how these innovative tools can streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.

3. Interactive Workshops and Demonstrations

Participate in interactive workshops and demonstrations led by industry leaders and experts. Learn new techniques, refine your skills, and stay ahead of the competition in areas such as menu planning, event design, culinary trends, and more.

4. Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals

Take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities available at Catersource 2020. Connect with industry professionals, build valuable business relationships, and expand your network. Share insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate with like-minded individuals passionate about the catering and event planning industry.

5. Panel Discussions on Hot Topics

Gain valuable insights from panel discussions featuring industry leaders and experts. Explore hot topics such as sustainability in catering, event marketing strategies, evolving consumer preferences, and much more. Get inspired, challenge your thinking, and discover actionable solutions to industry challenges.

6. Culinary Spotlight: Tasting Events

Indulge in the culinary spotlight at Catersource 2020 with tasting events featuring delectable creations from renowned chefs and caterers. Experience a sensory journey through innovative flavors, unique presentations, and exciting culinary techniques that will inspire your own creations.

7. Supplier Expo: Source the Latest Products

Visit the Supplier Expo to source the latest products and services essential for your catering business. Discover new food and beverage offerings, event equipment, décor solutions, and more. Connect with suppliers, negotiate deals, and stay ahead of the curve by offering your clients the best the industry has to offer.

8. Educational Sessions: Industry Best Practices

Enrich your knowledge and expertise through educational sessions focused on industry best practices. Learn from industry veterans and thought leaders as they share their experiences, insights, and strategies for success. Stay updated with emerging trends and take your catering business to new heights.

9. Trend Forecast: Future of Catering and Events

Stay ahead of the curve by attending the trend forecast sessions. Discover the future of catering and events, gain insights into emerging trends, and prepare your business for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Stay innovative, adaptable, and relevant in this ever-evolving industry.

10. Catering Competitions: Exciting Showdowns

Experience the thrill of live catering competitions where talented professionals showcase their skills and creativity. Witness the culinary masterpieces come to life under the pressure of competition and get inspired by the talent and passion of the participants.

11. Celebrity Chef Demos

Be mesmerized by live demonstrations from celebrity chefs as they share their insider tips, tricks, and culinary secrets. Learn from the best in the industry and elevate your culinary prowess with techniques and flavor combinations that will amaze your clients.

12. Marketing Strategies for Caterers

Unleash the power of effective marketing strategies tailored specifically for caterers. Attend sessions dedicated to marketing your catering business, leveraging social media, creating compelling content, and captivating your target audience. Learn how to position your brand as a leader in the industry and attract new clients.

13. Masterclasses: Advanced Culinary Techniques

Elevate your culinary skills by participating in masterclasses led by renowned chefs. Discover advanced techniques, experiment with flavors, and enhance your culinary repertoire. Learn how to create unforgettable dining experiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

14. Catering Business Success Stories

Be inspired by success stories shared by leading catering businesses. Learn from their experiences, challenges, and triumphs as they navigate the ever-evolving catering landscape. Gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to take your own catering business to new heights.

15. Event Design and Décor Trends

Stay updated with the latest event design and décor trends through informative sessions dedicated to creating visually captivating experiences. Discover new ideas, innovative concepts, and immersive designs that will leave lasting impressions on your clients and guests.

16. Certification Programs for Event Professionals

Enhance your professional credentials by participating in certification programs tailored for event professionals. Expand your knowledge, validate your expertise, and showcase your commitment to excellence. Stand out in the industry and gain a competitive edge.

17. Specialized Sessions for Wedding Catering

Dive into the world of wedding catering with specialized sessions dedicated to this lucrative niche. Learn about current trends, best practices, and unique considerations when catering to weddings. Discover inspiration for creating memorable wedding experiences that exceed couple's expectations.

18. Legal and Safety Compliance

Stay informed about legal and safety compliance requirements specific to the catering and event planning industry. Attend sessions focused on regulations, permits, licensing, and risk management. Ensure your business operates within the bounds of the law and maintains high safety standards.

19. Closing Ceremony and Awards Gala

Celebrate the conclusion of Catersource 2020 at the spectacular Closing Ceremony and Awards Gala. Join industry professionals, speakers, exhibitors, and fellow attendees as we honor the accomplishments and excellence within the catering and event planning industry. Network, share stories, and toast to the future of the industry.

Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of the premier event for the catering and event planning industry - Catersource 2020. Join us at these 19 can't-miss experiences and unlock the potential for growth, innovation, and success in your catering business. Trust 5 Fold Agency to guide you through the journey of success in the ever-evolving catering industry.

Jake Weaver
Counting down the days until Catersource 2020! It's going to be an amazing event!
Oct 15, 2023
Paul Tschiderer
Can't wait to attend!
Oct 8, 2023