Rethinking Measurement in Display Marketing - Lever

Jul 16, 2021

At 5 Fold Agency, we understand the importance of measurement in display marketing. With our expertise in consulting and analytical services, we provide valuable insights and strategies to help businesses optimize their marketing campaigns. In this blog post, we will explore the latest trends, challenges, and best practices in display marketing measurement.

Understanding Display Marketing Measurement

Display marketing involves the use of visual advertisements on websites, social media platforms, and other online channels to promote products or services. The success of display marketing campaigns relies heavily on effective measurement and analysis. By measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking relevant metrics, businesses can gain insights into the performance and impact of their display ads.

The Role of Data in Display Marketing Measurement

Data plays a crucial role in display marketing measurement. By leveraging advanced analytics tools and techniques, businesses can collect and analyze data to understand the effectiveness of their display ads. Data-driven insights enable businesses to make informed decisions, optimize their targeting strategies, and allocate marketing budgets more effectively.

Key Metrics for Display Marketing Measurement

When it comes to measuring the performance of display marketing campaigns, several key metrics come into play:

  • Impressions: This metric measures the number of times an ad is displayed to users.
  • Clicks: Click-through rates (CTR) provide insights into the percentage of users who click on an ad after seeing it.
  • Conversions: Tracking conversions is essential for measuring the effectiveness of display ads in driving desired actions, such as purchases or form submissions.
  • Viewability: Viewability measures the percentage of users who have actually seen an ad on the screen.
  • Engagement: Engagement metrics, such as time spent on page or interactions with ads, indicate the level of user engagement.

Challenges in Display Marketing Measurement

Despite the benefits of display marketing measurement, there are challenges that businesses often face:

  1. Attribution: Attributing conversions or other outcomes to specific display ads can be complex, especially in multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  2. Ad Fraud: Ad fraud is a persistent issue in the digital advertising industry, affecting measurement accuracy and campaign performance.
  3. Ad Blocking: With the increasing adoption of ad blockers, measuring ad visibility and effectiveness becomes more challenging.
  4. Data Privacy: Businesses need to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations while collecting and analyzing user data for measurement purposes.

Best Practices for Effective Display Marketing Measurement

To overcome these challenges and optimize display marketing measurement, businesses can follow these best practices:

1. Implement Multi-Touch Attribution Models

Multi-touch attribution models help businesses understand the contribution of different touchpoints in a customer's journey. By assigning weights to each touchpoint, businesses can evaluate the impact of display ads more accurately.

2. Invest in Anti-Fraud Measures

To combat ad fraud, businesses should invest in anti-fraud measures and work with trusted advertising platforms. Regular monitoring and validation of traffic sources can help identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

3. Optimize Ad Formats for Ad Blockers

To address ad blocking challenges, businesses can optimize ad formats to bypass ad blockers or explore alternative advertising approaches, such as native advertising.

4. Prioritize User Privacy and Consent

Respecting user privacy and obtaining proper consent is crucial for businesses. Adhering to data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, ensures transparent data collection and measurement practices.

In Conclusion

Measurement in display marketing is vital for businesses aiming to drive efficient and effective advertising campaigns. By understanding the latest trends, overcoming measurement challenges, and implementing best practices, businesses can optimize their display marketing strategies and achieve remarkable results. At 5 Fold Agency, we are committed to assisting businesses in rethinking measurement in display marketing and elevating their marketing performance.